Smile Makeover

Our patients have been amazed at what modern dentistry can do for them. Teeth that appeared hopeless have been miraculously restored.

Kristen R.

“What a journey I have been on with my smile! Throughout high school and the beginning of college I would never show my teeth. I had braces for five years and no self-confidence because of it. With such tiny teeth, and naturally missing a few, there were too many spaces in my mouth for the braces to fix. Luckily, Dr. Reese and his amazing staff were able to come up with a plan to help me smile! Porcelain veneers have drastically changed my life. I am so grateful for the hospitableness and sincerity of Dr. Reese and the team. I am so proud to finally smile and even more inspired to pursue my dream of becoming a dentist.”


Eb (Catawba, NC)

“I welcome the opportunity to tell you about my wonderful experience I had with Dr. Chris Reese and his staff. I have always felt very self-conscious about my front teeth and smile. Dr. Reese took his time to discuss my options and plan out the best treatment for my situation. Not only was he willing to work around my busy schedule but the dental work I had done far exceeded my expectations. He was meticulous in his treatment and follow-up care. I highly recommend Dr. Reese and his entire staff not only for extensive dental, but for all dental needs.”


Carolyn J. (Hickory, NC)

“Words can not express how happy I am with the implants I received from Dr. Reese and his talented staff! I’ve suffered from ill-fitting dentures for years. After several different dentists fitted me with dentures that I couldn’t wear, I was lucky enough to run across Dr. Reese’s ad for mini implants.

“After Dr. Reese’s evaluation, he recommended that I have two regular implants placed to secure my lower denture. I have to tell you, after all of my failed attempts to get dentures that weren’t painful, I was very skeptical. But Dr. Reese went through the entire process and I knew exactly what to expect.

“The day Dr. Reese attached my lower denture to the implants, all I could say was, ‘Wow, what a difference!’ Now I can eat anything I want without pain, and I’m no longer self conscious when talking face to face. Until I experienced the difference, I never would believed that it could be this dramatic.

“Dr. Reese’s office staff is second to none … they have been so helpful and caring through the entire process. Everyone put great effort into making certain that my implants were as perfect as possible. Dr. Reese and his staff have my deepest gratitude for all they have given me. Thank you!”


Melissa D.

“When I arrived at my first dental visit, I immediately became part of their "dental family".

While in the reception area, other patients told me that I would love Dr. Reese and his staff. That proved to be so true.

With each visit, Dr. Reese and his staff have diligently worked concerning all my questions, concerns, and dental needs.

I would highly recommend Dr. Reese and his staff, they are great. ”


Jo Ann

“Dr. Reese and his staff are very professional, caring and congenial in caring for their patients. That has been my experience in his office.

I came to them too embarrassed to smile with my teeth showing. I am very pleased with the way Dr. Reese has planned and corrected the positions of my front teeth and put in four new crowns that I am proud to show when I smile. ”



“After many years of dreading visits to the dentist, we moved to Hickory where a family member referred me to Dr. Reese. I have never met a dentist and staff as nice and personable as they were from the very first. I believe the personal phone call from the doctor after my initial visit was more than enough to even make me feel comfortable bringing my kids to him as well.

Over the past few months I have utilized Dr. Reese’s extensive knowledge in teeth whitening and dental bonding and have never been happier with my smile. I have received many compliments and I can say is you need to go see Dr. Reese. ”


Pastor H. (Conover, NC)

“We are grateful for the services of Dr. Chris Reese and his staff. They have cared for our dental needs for five years. I recently needed a dental implant. Dr. Reese was painless and did excellent work. He is not only a man of science and dentistry, but also an artist in his work. He is personable and caring, and his staff is friendly and helpful.”


Carolyn H. (Maiden, NC)

“I had neglected my teeth for a long time due to extreme dread of dental work. Then I discovered Dr. Reese and anxiety-free sedation. Dr. Reese and his staff are the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met and now I have beautiful teeth. I even look forward to going in for check-ups and cleaning!”


Jackie C. (Lincolnton, NC)

“Dr. Reese and staff have been more like family over the years. My family started coming when my son was in preschool; now he is getting ready to start high school. As a child, my teeth were not taken care of. Sure, I was taken to the dentist, but only when I got toothaches. As a parent, I didn’t want my children to lose their teeth or have a mouth full of fillings like their mom. Dr. Reese helped me to boost my confidence in a way I thought wasn’t possible. I got braces as an adult and all of the possibilities happened. I have faith in Dr. Reese, knowing he will continue to point my family in all the right directions concerning our smiles!”



“Finally I can smile and not feel embarrassed. I’ve always been a happy person but hated to laugh and smile because I hated my teeth.

Now I can say that I am so pleased with Dr. Reese work that I feel happier and I smile more than ever.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants a beautiful smile. I have one to prove it!

I love my teeth and my beautiful smile. Thank you Dr. Reese from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank his staff too. They are AWESOME! ”



“My experiences with the dentist over the years has been like Interstate 40: ‘always working on it and never getting anywhere.’ I had gotten to the point that I really did not believe that anyone understood what my needs were. Then I came across Dr. Reese’s ad in the yellow pages and made made my appointment. It was 46 miles to his office and I had my doubts as I walked in. As I met his staff, I knew that this was different and after meeting Dr. Reese and the time he took to understand what my wants and needs were, I knew I had finally found someone who really cared and did not view me as dollars. Dr. Reese was always friendly, patient, and courteous along with his staff. I felt more like Dr. Reese was my friend than I was his patient. The results that I received from Dr. Reese and his staff is fantastic. I now have the confidence to laugh, smile, and just feel better about my appearance. My friends can’t get over the change in my smile. I would ‘highly’ recommend Dr. Reese. He is now my family’s dentist!”


Mary D.

“For many years I just accepted what our dentist of twenty-plus years stated was the best that could be done for my teeth. Being a school teacher and meeting with parents, I was self-conscious about how dingy my teeth were and the deterioration and fillings showing.

“Dr. Reese was able to perform a complete renovation on my teeth. With the new crowns and veneers in place, I have never been more elated with the final results. Now I can smile with pride! Dr. Reese and his staff’s usage of modern technology was so comforting, and upon completion of all the dental work, I am truly confident that my teeth have been returned to long-lasting good health.

“Everyone in Dr. Reese’s office is so friendly and professional. They have made me feel so welcome and comfortable on each and every visit. Each step in the process was thoroughly explained to my understanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Reese to anyone looking for a DDS.”


Carol S. (Conover, NC)

“Some don’t view dental work as a life-changing experience. I’m not one of those people. My dental implants allowed me to face this year’s challenges with a SMILE — even when I didn’t feel like smiling. Coming here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


Ellen M. (Claremont, NC)

“I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Reese since the summer of 1998 when I relocated from Long Island, New York. Since that time, both he and his staff have catered to all of my dental needs and concerns in an ALWAYS timely, professional, and caring manner!

“See for yourself! ‘A picture (photo) is worth a thousand words’ ”


David K. (Conover, NC)

“Dr. Reese, I would like to thank you for the superior dental work that you did for me. The fillings that you removed and replaced with the white composite are not even noticeable now. The crowns that you made for me look exactly like real teeth. As you know, I liked the new crowns so much I had you replace some old crowns that I had, because your work looked so much better. Thank you and your expert staff for looking after me and my family. I would highly recommend your service to everyone.”


Sarah P.

“We love Sarah’s new smile! After two years of orthodontic treatment, the braces came off, but her smile was still not quite finished. Her orthodontist recommended bonding of two smaller teeth to fill in two small gaps. Dr. Reese completed the procedure with flawless results. The teeth look very natural, and you can’t even tell which were bonded. Dr. Reese and his staff were very professional and made this a pleasant experience for Sarah.”

Becky (Mom of Sarah P.)


Ann C.

“As a nurse, I interact with many patients every day. I had started hiding my smile because of my teeth. I just didn’t like their looks and I felt as though each time I smiled, someone was staring at my teeth. I had seen Dr. Chris Reese previously, so I called his office and made an appointment to see what could be done. Dr. Reese and his staff were wonderful to me. I had never been to a dentist that didn’t hurt, but Dr. Reese really doesn’t. I wish I had done this years ago: I can SMILE again!!!! With my mouth wide open!”


Cecil D.

“For twenty years I was with another dentist who allowed my teeth to become in such disarray that frustration was mounting. Through conversations I was made aware of Dr. Chris Reese. After one visit and evaluation I was highly impressed with the professional manner and technology that was utilized. My dental needs were extensive with crowns and implant procedures required. The entire process was lengthy and expensive, but I was well aware of everything prior to embarking. Knowing that the process would take over a year to complete was somewhat dejecting because I am the type that strives to accomplish goals. But realizing all the steps involved takes time which led to terrific and pleasing results. Dr. Reese and his staff were the greatest, and I would highly recommend to all my colleagues and friends.”

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