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Patient Reviews

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“For years I wanted to fix the spaces between my teeth but was reluctant to do so because I did not want to wear braces. After consulting with Dr. Reese he provided a solution that was right for me. Now, thanks to Dr. Reese and his staff I can smile with confidence.”

-Colby B.

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“I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Reese since the summer of 1998 when I relocated from Long Island, New York. Since that time both he and his staff have catered to all of my dental needs and concerns in an ALWAYS timely, professional, and caring manner! See for yourself! 'A picture is worth a thousand words.'”

-Ellen M.

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“Dr. Reese and his staff are very professional, caring and congenial in caring for their patients. That has been my experience in his office. I came to them too embarrassed to smile with my teeth showing. I am very pleased with the way Dr. Reese has planned and corrected the positions of my front teeth and put in four new crowns that I am proud to show when I smile.”

-Jo Ann

“You are never too old to smile. Thanks to Dr. Reese and his amazing staff, I have a smile I have wanted all my life. Dr. Reese and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was at ease from my first visit. Dr. Reese explained everything and gave me options. Together a plan was made. He and his staff cannot be praised enough. They put you at ease and make you feel like family. I appreciate all the time and efforts to make my teeth a prime example of quality workmanship. Best dentist and staff in the entire world! Thank you”

-Patricia B.

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“The experience with the clear correct braces was a good one. Although it took a little longer than expected, the results were even better than I thought they would be. In fact I was sharing with friends when I was finally done and everyone said they never even knew I was wearing braces! No more crowding!”

-Susan C.

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“Dr. Reese and staff have been more like a family over the years. My family started coming when my son was preschool: now he's an adult. As a child my teeth were not taken care of. Sure I was taken to the dentist, but only when I got toothaches. As a parent I didn't want my children to lose their teeth or have a mouth full of fillings like mom. Dr. Reese helped me to boost my confidence in a way I thought wasn't possible. I got braces as an adult and all of the possibilities happened. I have faith in Dr. Reese knowing he will continue to point my family in all the right directions concerning our smiles!”

-Jackie C.


"We are grateful for the services of Dr. Chris Reese and his staff.  They have cared for our dental needs for five years.   I recently needed a dental implant.  Dr. Reese was painless and did excellent work.  He is not only a man of science and dentistry, but also an artist in his work.  He is personable and caring, and his staff is friendly and helpful."

-Bill H.


"Finally, I can smile and not feel embarrassed.  I’ve always been a happy person but hated to laugh and smile because I hated my teeth. Now I can say that I am so pleased with Dr. Reese work that I feel happier and I smile more than ever. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants a beautiful smile.  I have one to prove it! I love my teeth and my beautiful smile.  Thank  you Dr. Reese from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank his staff too.  They are AWESOME!"

-Harriet I.


"Some don’t view dental work as a life- changing experience.  I’m not one of those people.  My dental implants allowed me to face this year’s challenges with  a SMILE-even when I didn’t feel like smiling.  Coming here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

-Carol A.


"I had neglected my teeth for a long time due to extreme dread of dental work.  Then I discovered Dr. Reese and anxiety-free sedation.  Dr. Reese and his staff are the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met, and now I have beautiful teeth. I even look forward to going in for check-ups and cleaning!"

-Carolyn H. 


"Thank you guys so much for making my teeth white again in such a friendly and easy going environment.  Now I can truly smile with confidence without trying to hide my teeth. Forever Grateful."

-Jeff W.